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A History of Massage Chairs

A massage chair, a symbol of relaxation and all who own one can’t wait to get home to their ‘precious’. Studies indicate that as many as a fifth of Japanese households have a robotic massage chair and it is no wonder because these wonders of technology know how to soothe aching muscles.

But what are roots of the robotic massage chair? Who designed it? Let me start by mentioning that a massage chair, in the simplest terms, is a chair designed for massage sessions. There are two types of massage chairs; the old-school portable chairs and the state-of-the-art, sophisticated robotic massage chair.

Old school massage chairs have a simple design that offers easy access to the head, shoulders, limbs and back of the client on the end of a massage. They are light and inexpensive. They offer the advantage of on-site massage but you’ll still need a massage therapist to knead those stubborn, aching muscles for you and not everyone can afford regular massage sessions with a personal massage therapist.

So someone somewhere sat down and sought to change this. Eureka! Step forth the robotic massage chair. This peach of an invention was first seen around sixty years ago in Japan, as you would have thought. It was invented by the Fujiiryoki Company based in Osaka and it was not as fancy as the ones seen today. It was a wooden chair with rollers within its back rest that were manually controlled using lever systems to travel up and down. Fast-forward to today and you will be stunned by the level of technology applied to make a robotic massage chair reviews.

Basically, a robotic massage chair consists of in-built gears, rollers and electric motors that work in tandem. The rollers give the massage feeling as they move along one’s back or limbs and the motors give a tapping sensation as well as the feeling of vibration. A plethora of massage techniques can be performed by a massage chair including gripping, tapping, shiatsu and kneading.

Now we’ll look into a few reasons why you should consider having a robotic massage chair in your home:

  1. A massage chair is cheaper in the long run. I know what you’re thinking-‘No way’, right? But think of the number of times you have gone to the local spa and how much you have spent in totality. The best home massage chair is a one-time investment that is much cheaper than the cumulative fees you’ll spend at massage pallor.
  2. What a masseuse can do, the chair can do just as well. It can knead, grip and give you karate-style chops.
  3. Massage chairs are under your full control.There’s always a chance that a massage session will leave you unsatisfied, especially if the masseur or masseuse is not familiar to your specifications. However with a massage chair you decide how long the massage will be and how intense it will be.
  4. Massage chairs won’t bother you with a lot if chit-chat and banter after a bad day at work.
  5. It may feel strange and uncomfortable having a total stranger squeezing your muscles but you will have no suspicions when you’re being kneaded by your Massage chair.

So next time you see one of these chairs in a shopping mall near you, you’ll have plenty of reasons to take one of them home with you.

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You Decide the Health of your Baby

Aside from buying a baby crib for your baby, baby mattresses have always been used but researchers found out that there is a chemical called volatile organic compound in the foam pad inside the baby mattress. When the particular chemical enters into the baby’s body, their is elevated risks for allergies, asthma and the worst is lung infection.

baby matresse reviewsTo lessen the exposure of this chemical, it is better to buy eco-friendly mattresses for the sake of your baby’s health. In addition, some furniture, cleaning materials and scented sprays are exposed in VOCs and potentially harmful not only to babies but also to all living things.

According to studies, researchers conducted an analysis on about 20 new and old crib mattresses reviews containing polyurethane foam and polyester foam padding. They found out that old baby mattresses emit 22.1 micrograms per square meter per hour while newly produced mattresses have four times as the emission of old ones.

It only means that old mattresses are highly recommended to be used to prevent our babies in risky situation. In some point of views, others suggested to reuse old mattresses to lessen the total exposure in VOCs and as well as it keeps away the baby in danger.

Baby foam pad inside the mattress is helpful to provide support in baby’s body when sleeping. To keep a proper and enjoyable sleep, their use is very important. Moreover, it also functions as keeping the babies protected and reduced the difficulty for them to sleep. When this maintain, the happiness of the baby will continue.

To sum up, being knowledgeable enough could save our babies in uncertain situation. Enriching ideas about cribs and mattresses could lead to wellness and safeness especially to our babies.